Casinos in Aberdeen

All three of Aberdeen’s casinos are within a 10-minute or so walk from each other and are easily reachable from the train station. That gives you the added advantage of being able to leave one for another if you find that it’s not quite to your taste – something you can’t do in bigger cites or when the casinos are more spread out around the place.

Map of Aberdeen Casinos

Adding markers to the map ...
5 Exchequer Row, City Wharf Development, Aberdeen, AB11 5BW
59 Summer Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1SJ
333 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6BS

Aberdeen is the third most populated city in Scotland, with its links to the oil trade making it the country’s richest city, too. It is therefore somewhat surprising that there are only three casinos to speak of located within its boundaries.

The three casinos all offer the own specialties with the chain casino of the Grosvenor being the place you’ll want to head to if you’re a big poker player. They run cash games on a nightly basis, normally getting underway at 9pm, and have an interesting take on tournament play by hosting ‘Scalp Tournaments’. This involves each player having a £5 bounty on their head that you can collect if you knock them out.

The Soul Casino, meanwhile, is perhaps trying to tell you something with its title. It’s located inside a converted church, so whether or not they’re trying to save your soul or win it from you will depend on your point of view. You'll be able to play a lot of the casino industry’s most popular games here with tournament poker being the most major omission. Much like Rainbow Casino, the other offering in the city, they only have Three-Card Poker on offer. The Rainbow is a former Gala Casino member and they layout is much the same as you’d expect from that chain.