Casinos in Huddersfield

Huddersfield is a bit of an odd town in many ways. It is only ten-miles from Bradford and sits right in the middle of Manchester and Leeds, so the 160,000 residents have got choices about where to spend their downtime. That is probably why there’s only one main casino to speak of within the town’s borders.

Map of Huddersfield Casinos

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Folly Hall Mills, St Thomas Road, Huddersfield, HD1 3LT

It helps that the facilities within the Grosvenor Casino mean that pretty much all bases are covered on the gaming front. There are American-style roulette tables as well as electronic versions of the same game, for example. If you’re a table game fan, then you’ll want to head to the Blackjack, baccarat and three-card poker area, whilst those amongst you that enjoy slot machines will undoubtedly be pleased by the variety on hand.

Poker lovers can play more than just the three-card variety in Huddersfield. The Grosvenor Casino regularly hosts both cash games and tournaments with Texas Hold’em being the variation of choice for this market town. You can play other types, such as Omaha, of course, so it’s worth asking when the different games are being held. Despite the fact that poker is one of the most popular games in the world, not everyone knows the game inside out. For that reason, the Huddersfield member of the Grosvenor chain often has beginners’ games, as well as ones for more focused and experienced players.

Huddersfield isn’t the largest town in the UK (in actual fact it’s the eleventh largest), so it’s not that tricky to get around the place. The Grosvenor Casino is located to the south of the town centre in a building that also contains a bingo parlour. It’s pretty much smack bang in the middle of Huddersfield and Lockwood Train Stations.