Casinos in Northampton

Northampton is a nice, small town in size, despite its burgeoning population. Consequently, the casinos aren’t too far away from each other with the Aspers venue on the lower side of the town centre and the Grosvenor almost directly to the North on the other side of the major shopping district.

Map of Northampton Casinos

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6 Commercial Street, Northampton, NN1 1PJ
Regent Street, Northampton, NN1 2LA

With a population that is just shy of 220,000, Northampton is one of the largest town in the United Kingdom. It is still a town rather than a city, though, so the fact that it has two different casinos, when most other towns survive with just one, could be considered to be reasonably impressive.

Interestingly, the two casinos offer similar things to each other rather than going in different directions in the hope of stealing custom from their rivals. The Grosvenor Casino is a member of a large and well-known chain of casinos and the venue used to be a Gala before they took it over. As such, it is full of all of the usual games that you’d expect to find inside a decent casino with slot machines being one of the most exciting features. There are regular tournaments on the slots and the winner picks up a £1,000 prize. When it comes to poker they don’t host tournaments but they do allow cash games for Texas Hold’em fans.

There are no tournaments at the Aspers Casino either, however, you can host your own private one with a casino dealer if you want to. There are cash games every day, so if you like your poker then you won’t be too disappointed if you head here for a game. The Aspers also has plenty of slot machines for you to use, with the jackpot reaching as high as £4,000. It’s less about the live tables and more about the electronic ones, so expect to be able to get on one the electronic roulette machines if that’s a game that interests you.