Casinos in Scarborough

People have actually been heading to Scarborough for more than 400 years, with the seaside town being one of the UK’s original holiday destinations before planes meant we could all just go to Spain instead. It’s population is around the 60,000 mark and it’s stuck in the middle of more popular destinations, such as Newcastle, Sunderland, Hull and Middlesbrough. That may well explain why there’s only one casino of note in the town.

Map of Scarborough Casinos

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26 - 27 Newborough, Scarborough, YO11 1NA

Perhaps even more interesting than the fact that the town only has one casino is that the casino that it does have is actually not really a casino in the manner most of us have come to expect. It is what is known as an 'E Casino' from the Grosvenor chain with no table games or the like played on the premises. Instead, it’s all about the slot machines and other more futuristic ways of playing, like electronic roulette. That’s not to suggest that you should pass it up altogether though, as the slots have progressive jackpots that can get as high as £10,000.

Given that Texas Hold’em poker is a craze that has seemingly swept the world in the last twenty years or so, we shouldn’t really be shocked that the one 'typical' casino games that the Grosvenor E does offer is poker. You’ll find three Texas Hold’em tables here, so if you’re a poker fan then you can cancel your train ticket to Newcastle and head here instead.

Scarborough is, as we’ve already mentioned, a seaside resort. It’s quite small with Scarborough Castle located just a few minutes walk from the casino and the shopping centre even closer. The venue isn’t on the beach but it’s also not all that far away with the promenade being even closer than Scarborough Train Station.