Casinos in Thanet: Broadstairs & Margate

Broadstairs might not be a location that has immediate name recognition with you unless you live close by, but the coastal town is on an isle that you might have heard of if you’ve followed British politics at all over the last few years – Thanet. Broadstairs is considered to be the jewel in Thanet’s crown and casino lovers might be interested to know that the town’s motto is 'Stella Maris', or Star of the Sea. Could the star be a lucky symbol on an electronic gaming machine, perhaps?

Map of Thanet Casinos

Adding markers to the map ...
Zion Place, Margate, CT9 1RP
Margate Road, Broadstairs, CT10 2BF


Broadstairs boasts just one casino, so if it doesn’t offer the sort of games you enjoy then, sadly, your options are limited. That said, it’s unlikely that you’ll struggle to find what you’re after at this purpose-built Grosvenor Casino. It offers all of the usual games that expect from a member of that particular casino chain, including Blackjack tables, three-card poker, roulette and slot machines. There’s also electronic roulette, should the physical table not be enough for you.

If you’re a poker lover, then worry not – your game play won’t be limited to the three-card poker and nothing else. The casino has a decent sized poker room where the Texas Hold’em variation of the game is played on a semi-regular basis. There are both cash games and tournaments available with guaranteed pots, so if you fancy your chance of winning then you’ll want to head along for one of them.

Given that Broadstairs is a seaside resort, you might well expect the casino to be on the promenade looking out at the sea. You’d be wrong in that assumption, however, as it’s actually a bit further back and is roughly midway between Broadstairs and nearby Ramsgate. It’s worth making the trip out to, however; as the town’s only casino they make a real effort to keep the punters happy by having a restaurant on-site where you can often watch tribute acts and the like.


Margate’s Genting Casino is open from just before lunchtime through to the early hours of the morning, though the live gaming aspect of its wares doesn’t start until mid-afternoon. That section of the casino features some roulette tables, Blackjack, three-card poker and the increasingly popular game of Crazy4Poker. Add in some electronic roulette machines and slot machines with jackpots reaching as high as £4,000, as well as a progressive Blackjack game known as 'Blackjack Aces' and you can see that virtually all of the major bases are covered.

The one thing we haven’t mentioned is poker, but don’t worry if you’re a fan of the game – they’ve got you covered here on that front, too. Texas Hold’em is the game of choice and there are cash games and tournaments that you can join in with taking place every day. The Genting staff are aware that not everyone is an expert, so they try to sort their tournaments into leagues that allow people of differing abilities to go up against others that have the same skill level as them. If you don’t like poker but enjoy a masterful game where you can sit down then check out their Mah Jong tables.

If the United Kingdom was a dog sitting down then Margate would be situated on the tip of its tail to South-East. As a seaside town, virtually everything here is focused around the promenade and the casino is no exception. It’s located just back from the front, along the road from the Winter Gardens.