Casinos in Walsall

Sometimes it can be quite surprising when a small town has a casino. That can be because of the population of the place, with the implication being that there aren’t enough people there to make it seem like a viable option, or it can be because of the town’s proximity to other, bigger cities. The latter is definitely the case when it comes to Walsall; after all, Birmingham is just 8-miles away and Wolverhampton is even closer. The former city boasts more than half a dozen casinos, whilst the latter adds one more to the list of options.

Map of Walsall Casinos

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Bentley Mill Way, Walsall, WS2 0LE

Nevertheless, why should the people of Walsall be expected to travel to Birmingham or the like just because they fancy a night at the casino? After all, you wouldn’t ask them the same if they wanted to see a film at the cinema. The casino is part of the Grosvenor chain, so if you’ve ever been to one of them then you know what to expect here. Blackjack, three-card poker and roulette are all available for you to use in their table game form.

Away from the table games, you’ll find slot machines and electronic roulette tables, which are a fun variation on a classic format. If you’re a poker fan, then you’ll love the dedicated poker room, which is used as a stop on the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour every year. Whether you’re after cash games or tournament play, you’ll be able to get a game at the right level for you depending on when you go.

As you might have gathered from the introduction, Walsall isn’t exactly the biggest town in the UK. Even so, the casino isn’t in the centre of Walsall but is instead on the Western side of it – across the M6. That means it’s about 20-minutes or so from Walsall Train Station and other popular places, such as Saddlers Shopping Centre.