Paysafecard Casinos

The following online casinos all accept Paysafecard as a payment method. Paysafecard is a voucher based system that merged with its main rival, UKash, in 2015. You must first purchase a voucher from any shop displaying the Paypoint logo and you can then use that voucher to deposit at an online casino.

UK Online Casinos That Accept Paysafecard

With Paysafecard players are able to walk in to over 500,000 outlets across the world to get a voucher with a 16 digit PIN worth either £10, £25, £50, £75 or £100. You can also have an online Paysafecard account which can be topped up with these vouchers which allows you to see your combined balance and makes things very easy to manage.

A Note on Ukash - UKash was once a popular way of funding online casinos with players able to acquire UKash in a number of denominations from outlets across the country. UKash was acquired and merged with Paysafecard in 2015. Any remaining credit on old UKash vouchers was voided on October 31st 2015.

How to Use Paysafecard at an Online Casino

If you are familiar with UKash then Paysafecard is used in very much the same way, if not here is a little guide on how to deposit using Paysafecard.


  1. Head to any retailer which sells Paysafecard (most petrol stations and newsagents provide this service) to purchase your 16 digit PIN, or purchase one online using the Paysafecard website.
  2. Head to an online casino of your choice and head for the deposit/cashier section of the website.
  3. Simply select the Paysafecard option (if available) and select the amount you wish to deposit before entering your 16 digit PIN.


  1. Unlike its predecessor UKash, which did offer a withdrawal system, albeit an extremely long winded and awkward one, you cannot withdraw money using Paysafecard and players will instead have to withdraw using a bank transfer.


There are benefits to using this method of depositing, namely the abundance of Paysafecard stores means that it is very easy to get your hands on a 16 digit code and once you enter the code on the casino it is very quick at processing the deposit.

Also, by using a Paysafecard, you are of course protecting yourself by not entering your bank details and the Paysafecard website easily allows you to stay on top of your account, whilst it’s also a great way of depositing for those that don’t have a bank card.


Whilst we wouldn’t discourage anyone from using Paysafecard, there are a number of drawbacks to the system when it comes to using it with an online casino. To protect themselves from money laundering, most online casinos will only let you withdraw winnings from a Paysafecard by using a bank transfer. This means that you will have to enter your bank details on to the website anyway so the main positive for using such a system is already wiped out.

UKash was a flawed system in many ways with the withdrawal method being so long winded and tedious that it was almost impossible to get any money out. However, at least it was an option, now the fact you can’t withdraw makes Paysafecard a fairly unattractive payment solution for online casino players, unless of course you never planned on winning any money in the first place!