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Net Entertainment (commonly referred as NetEnt) is a Scandinavian company which was established in 1996. The company have provided solid casino software since then and currently find themselves as one of the leading casino software providers. The company is a publicly traded company and floats on the stock market where they have seen steady increase in growth and share prices since their inclusion in 2007.

The company prided themselves on producing a high quality gaming environment for their customers and we firmly believe they have managed this. Animations, innovative features and a general eye for what punters want have been at the backbone of the success of Net Entertainment for many years.

Best UK Net Entertainment Casinos & Bonuses

Instant Play Only

Unlike some of the other larger software providers, NetEnt hasn’t really had a history of downloadable casinos with the company only ever having one, which was exclusively available through Nordic Bet. This was quietly abandoned and so at time of writing there are no download versions of the software.

Instead, the games have always been designed for Instant Play use, which is often regarded as one of the main reasons they’ve become such a popular, and well-known software provider.

Essentially, Instant Play simply allows you to play games through your mobile Internet Browser without the need to download, or install any plugins, software, or extensions. It means that you can easily switch between software providers – rather than having to use different download clients for each – and it also eradicates the need to update software, as the game code is stored online, meaning it’s always sent in the most up-to-date form to your computer.

Mobile Gameplay

NetEnt are also one of the leaders in online casino mobile-optimised, with much of their game-range available for users to play from their phones and tablets. This was seen first with Net Entertainment’s “Touch” games – an early version of today’s mobile games – and it wasn’t long before the company begun converting most of their games to a mobile-optimised state.


They are most well-known for their video slot range, which is extremally comprehensive and contains a number of extremely popular, exciting titles. These are designed to provide players with a medium-variance gaming experience, ensuring they’re in with the chance of making big wins, without the long dry-spells, as you’d find with – perhaps – a Novomatic game.

Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive NetEnt Slot Game

Dead or Alive is one of NetEntertainment’s most popular video slot titles, and, thanks to the legendary "Wild Line", which sees players make a full-line of wild symbols, for an average of win of 4,000X+ their stake, it’s one that almost all online casino players will play at some point during their time gambling.

Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest NetEnt Slot Game

Gonzo's Quest is another slot that deserves a mention, for two main reasons. First of all, it was their first video slot designed for use on both desktop devices, and mobiles, and the “NetEnt Touch” version of the game came out just over five years ago, at the time of writing.

NetEnt made an announcement at the beginning of the year to declare their intent to ensure Gonzo's Quest didn’t lose its foothold as one of the company’s most famous slots. Additionally, the software provider announced they’ll be making a VR (virtual reality) version of the game, scheduled for release sometime in 2017. This will be a huge game-changer for the industry, especially with devices like the Oculus Rift making their way to consumers, and it could pioneer the future of video slots – well-worth keeping an eye on!

Table Games

NetEnt seem to operate under a “less is more” approach, meaning that while they may not display the same number of games as other software providers, the quality of their games is generally better quality, and indeed, it doesn’t take long, while playing the games, to see that they crash, time-out, and lag far less than other software providers.


Surprisingly, Roulette is where they perhaps fall short the most, when compared to other software providers, and with just five versions to choose between, there’s not a huge amount of choice, especially for the player who likes to try different game variants. In fact, if you’re looking for ‘kooky’, unique game variations – you may be better off choosing a different software provider.

Now, that’s not to say their roulette games are bad quality. In fact, they’re far from it, but you won’t find some of the ‘tropical’ game variants, like with other software providers. For instance, the first four roulette games offered, are general American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette, and 'French Roulette New', which offers a classier display, and improved graphics in comparison to the original French Roulette game.

The fifth roulette game NetEntertainment offer is 'Roulette Pro', which is essentially a clone of European Roulette, except that’s its played on a slightly more 'posh-looking' layout, and the stake limits are doubled, allowing those betting larger amounts to have more customisation with their wagering.

NetEntertainment also offer a couple of Live Dealer Roulette games, so have a read of our Live Dealer Games section below to find out more about those.

Tip: When playing roulette, you should always avoid American Roulette, as it has two zeroes, meaning the house-edge is greatly increased. If you can – although not all online casinos offer it – you should always try to play French Roulette, as it offers the best RTP (return to player percentage), but if you can’t find a French Roulette table, then European Roulette will do just fine.


Unfortunately, if you were hoping for a big revelation of NetEnt's blackjack selection, figuring that, because of the lack of Roulette titles, there must be an abundance of Blackjack games, you’re going to be disappointed. Because they offer just four (five if we’re counting Pontoon) game variants for you to choose from, and, much like Roulette, these games are relatively commonplace, making them not too different from the Blackjack you’d find at your local land-based-casino.

That being said, the Blackjack selection does offer a bit more choice, and, in fairness, one game is very different from the regular game – called 'Double Exposure Blackjack'. This highly unique game type allows you to see both the dealer’s cards, before you have to make a decision on your hand and this, obviously, completely changes the game, allowing you to always make the mathematically correct decision.

However, as you’d expect with such luxury, there is a price to be paid, and a dealer 22 counts as a push, while a tied hand with the dealer results in a loss. Still, it’s good fun, and something a bit different!

There’s also Single Deck Blackjack, which is quite a nice touch, as it allows more serious players to enjoy the type of game they’d perhaps have been used to ‘back in the day’ before casinos realised they could make more money by increasing the number of decks in play.

As mentioned, there’s also a Pontoon game, called 'Pontoon Pro'. Pontoon is similar to blackjack, in that you must make a hand as close to 21 as possible, but instead of hitting/standing, you twist/stick, and Pontoon offers slightly different payouts, including the 5-card trick, that pays 3:1 if you manage to draw three or more cards without going bust! For example, of course, you’ll find commonly seen titles, including Premium Blackjack, 'Blackjack', UK Blackjack, and Blackjack Pro. But you’ll also see some pretty unique varieties, such as 'Cashback Blackjack', which, as the name suggests, awards cashback on losses on the game.

Our personal favourite, however, is 'Blackjack Switch' – ideal for a bit of fun, when you want to try something new, and get away from the regular casino games. In Blackjack Switch, you must play two hands, but you can switch your second cards dealt on each hand. This can obviously provide a huge advantage, and, of course, it’s not without penalty – the game rules change slightly. So, for example, a dealer 22 counts as a push. Still, it’s great fun, and gives a totally new perspective on playing.

Another really cool blackjack variation we liked, was the Progressive Blackjack, which currently features a jackpot total of £114,000. In order to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, you’ll need to place an additional side bet, and the jackpot is paid if your first two cards, the dealers first two cards match, in colour, and are an Ace.

Live Dealer Games

Live Roulette NetEnt Casino Game

Net Entertainment offer players a very high-quality, sturdy Live Dealer Casino to game in, and you’ll find the live dealer games easy to access, navigate through, and play! The interface of the games is clean-cut, and it isn't filled with weird-looking chat boxes like some other software providers – instead, you simply see your betting options, and a text box (that you can hide, if you prefer), allowing you to game in even more simplicity.

While NetEnt's live dealer casino doesn’t feature as many games as you’re probably used to seeing from a software provider of their size, remember, they are primarily a video slot developer, and the fact that their live casino even exists – let alone outdoes most of the competition – is a testament to the dedication the company put into their games, and their systems.

That said, there’s no hiding the fact there’s only four games. However, they are all run by extremally well-trained, professional croupiers, who understand the games inside out. The games you’ll find include Common Draw Blackjack, American Roulette, Live Dealer Roulette (as pictured above), and Blackjack, the latter of which uses European Rules, making sure that it’s similar to most blackjack games you’ll probably have played before.

Video Poker

Joker Wild NetEnt Video Poker Casino Game

NetEntertainment’s video poker selection is relatively decent, containing 10 titles, which, ironically, is twice as many than their roulette section, and you’ll find a decent amount of choice here, although a few games are ‘duplicates’, meaning they’re the same game – aside from the fact you can play multiple hands at once on one, and only one hand on the other.

Probably the most popular game you’ll find there is 'Joker Wild', where – as the name suggests – Jokers are wild, allowing for easier wins (and a better chance at hitting that big Royal Flush)! Some of the other games you’ll find include: Joker Wild Double, Jacks or Better Double Up, All American Double Up, Classic Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild.

You’ll notice a few of the games have “Double Up” on the end. This simply means there’s a game function built into the game, allowing you the chance to double your win, by gambling on guessing the value of a playing card.

Jackpot Games

Mega Fortune NetEnt Jackpot Casino Game

NetEntare pretty well known for their progressive jackpot games, which mainly take the form of video slots, and it’s the “Mega” range that attracted the most attention. There are two games in the Mega range, including Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams. Both jackpots offer over £3 Million in jackpot prizes! In fact, the reason these two progressive jackpot slots are so famous, is because, back in 2013, a lucky player from Helsinki, Finland, managed a staggering £14,000,000 (yes, that’s million) jackpot, playing a 25 pence spin! So, there you have it – never again can you say ‘small stakes are pointless’!

Having paid out half a billion pounds since their jackpot games launched, NetEnt have gone from strength to strength, and now offer around 20 progressive jackpot games, with other notable titles including the Hall of Gods game (which currently features the largest progressive jackpot of the software provider, standing at just under £6 Million), Super Lucky Frog, Arabian Nights, and Cosmic Fortune.

About NetEnt

    • Year Founded: 1996
    • Traded Publicly: Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap
    • Share Price:

Net Entertainment History

Founded back in 1996, NetEnt started working in land-based-casino systems, and at the time, was known as 'Cherryforetagen'. Cherryforetagen was founded initially in 1968, and up until the creation of the company, had nothing to do with online gambling.

Since its birth, NetEntertainment has seen tremendous growth, with notable milestones including 2002, when NetEnt Casino TM was launched, 2004, when they delivered the first Casino Modules to international clients, 2009, when the company became listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and 2010 – the year that things really begun to take off with the release of Gonzo's Quest – a game that still remains popular today, 7 years later!

The Future for Net entertainment

In 2016, NetEntertainment reported that a massive 39% of its revenue comes solely from mobile gaming, so it’s a fairly safe bet to assume the company will be looking at ways to increase their mobile-reach, and allow even more players to game from their phones and tablets.

This could be in many forms, but their strategies are likely to include developing better technology/adapting to industry best practices, as well as working with online casinos to improve the user-experience on mobile devices.

They have also revealed that they are looking at making the first VR (Virtual Reality) video slot, which will be re-make of Gonzo's Quest, and while it’s unclear whether this will be available to the general public, it is expected to launch in late 2017 with beta-versions showcased at a trade show in Malta, in January 2017.