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Red Tiger Gaming is one of the newest software providers to enter the online gambling market, yet despite that young age and lack of reputation, they have quickly grown to become one of the leading providers of Video Slots within the UK and other European markets. While their impact on the online gambling world remains relatively minor, in comparison to other gambling giants on the Internet, their fan base cannot be ignored, and every day, more and more players discover the games offered by the developer with many citing them as being the most enjoyable games they have ever played.

In this post, we are going to explore the Red Tiger Gaming game range, and while this is mainly built-up of Video Slots, there are a few casino Table Games they have produced, as well, which we'll cover. We will finish by looking at an overview of the company, including a brief history, and where we believe the company will head in the coming months and years.

Best UK Red Tiger Gaming Casinos & Bonuses


Around 98% of the Red Tiger Gaming game range is comprised of Video Slots, and this is the area in which the software developer is best known for. That's why we are going to begin by looking at some of the different slots games they've created and why exactly the games have become so popular with players. In later sections in this post, we will also look at some of the casino Table Games they've created.

Rainbow Jackpots

Rainbow Jackpots Red Tiger Gaming Slot

Rainbow Jackpots is one of Red Tiger Gaming’s most popular video slots, and the reason behind this is arguably the stunning high definition graphics, exciting gameplay, and a mixture of bonus rounds. Some of these bonus rounds can be triggered randomly during the base game, while others require landing scatter symbols on the reels to be awarded.

Rainbow Jackpots incorporates a Irish theme and transports you to the Emerald Isles. As you play, you’ll be looking out, hoping to see the bearded leprechaun jump out on screen. When he does, he can award entry to one of the two bonuses, a full-screen of wilds, and – if playing on a compatible site – the progressive jackpot, which is paid daily and often reaches amounts as high as £10,000

Now, as we just mentioned, there are two bonuses, and the first is the beer bonus. This is simply a glorified 'Pick Me Bonus', and when you trigger the feature, you will be presented with 3 pints of beer on your screen. Simply choose one of them, and you will see liquid begin to rise inside the glass, displaying cash amounts as it reaches the top. Whenever the liquid stops, the last cash amount it shows is the one you win.

The second bonus takes the form of free spins bonus and once triggered, you’re awarded with 8 free spins. During the bonus, every spin benefits from random symbols added to the reels, and it’s possible to get 1 to 15 of the same symbols on the reels (15, of course, equating to a full screen), allowing for potentially very lucrative wins.

Lucky Wizard

Lucky Wizard Red Tiger Gaming Slot

Perhaps Red Tiger Gaming’s second most well-known slot, is Lucky Wizard, which is a near-identical clone of Rainbow Jackpots. But, it appears that players don’t care that the software provider have simply applied a new skin to the game, as the bonus-feature teases, the glorious musical soundtrack, graphical animations, and the big-win potential within the bonus rounds appears to be enough to keep players coming back.

Other Notable Slots

Three Musketeers Red Tiger Gaming Slot

Other slots from the developer include: Three Musketeers (as pictured here), Totem Lighting, Lion Dance, Arcade Bomb, Stage 888, and Dragons Luck.

It really is quite astonishing how much time and dedication Red Tiger Gaming put into all of their games, and while they likely sacrifice a lot of exposure by choosing to spend so much time developing each game, it really does show, and we’d perhaps go as far as saying that they offer the best designed Video Slots we have ever seen.

Even more impressive is the fact that the developer is such a young company with so little experience in the market, and it’s really remarkable how they’ve managed to develop such stable, high-quality games, that give even the world’s biggest software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming a strong run for their money.

Table Games

Casino Table Games are an important part of any software providers game portfolio and Red Tiger Gaming are no exception. They've worked tirelessly to ensure that their game range is up to the cut-throat standards that exist within the gaming industry today, and below, we are going to look at a few of the most popular game categories that the developer have created games for.


Red Tiger Gaming's European Roulette

Red Tiger Gaming are still very new company, and as such, their game range is somewhat limited. Having said that, they do actually offer some casino table games – which seems to be quite rare for new software providers – and in their Roulette section, you’ll find just one title on offer – European Roulette HD.

It may sound a little disappointing that the software provider only offers one Roulette game at the moment, but if you actually have a look at the game and check it out, you’ll almost certainly be impressed. It features some of the best graphical work we've ever seen in an online casino game and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It really is quite incredible how they presented the game, and within the game, there exist three different stake/betting limit options. You'll be able to bet from as little as £1 per spin right up to £1000 a spin.

Another thing that stood out in the game was the huge number of betting chips available. Many Roulette variants online feature a minimum ship-amount of 50p. Red Tiger Gaming’s Roulette, however, allows you to place 5p chips, and this is ideal for players who are on a budget and don’t want to have to up their stake simply to enjoy a game of Roulette.

Hi-Rollers need not worry ,however, as the chip denominations increase in value up to £500, so there really is something for everyone. Another thing worth pointing out is that there is a wide array of game settings available, so you can actually customise your gaming experience. This includes sounds, graphics, and wheel-speed settings, so definitely be sure to check these out, as they are especially useful if you’re playing on an older device or one which has a weak Internet connection.


Red Tiger Gaming's Classic Blackjack

Like the Roulette we just talked about, Red Tiger Gaming offer just one Blackjack game, and it’s a simple European Blackjack variation. It’s got to be said, we were a little disappointed with the Blackjack game, and we had high hopes after seeing the incredible quality that had gone into their Roulette game. While the game is still well-built, and exciting to play, it doesn’t quite have the same look, feel, and class to it that their Roulette game did.

Still, a range of in-game settings are available – just like the Roulette – and the betting limits are also varied in a three-tier structure, which ensures that players on all budgets can get in on the action. One thing worth noting about the Blackjack came is that some casinos which offer it choose to set the minimum stake at £1, whereas others choose to set the minimum stake at 5 pounds. Tfhis has nothing to do with Red Tiger Gaming itself, and is purely a business decision from the casino, so do bear this in mind before playing.


Red Tiger Gaming's Baccarat

While Red Tiger Gaming don’t currently offer any Video Poker or instant win games, they do offer one more card game (but don't get too excited – it's not all that great). The third game in their casino table range is Baccarat, and like the Roulette and Blackjack version they offer, it’s developed in high definition with a range of stake options and in-game settings available.

In our humble opinion, we're a bit disappointed that Red Tiger Gaming haven’t yet expanded their casino game range to include Poker games, such as Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker, but as we noted, the company is still relatively young, so it’s very likely that will see this change in the future.

About Red Tiger Gaming

  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Publicly Traded: No

Red Tiger Gaming is one of the newest software providers to join the online gambling world, and, founded just three years ago in 2014, the company has already amassed tremendous success with their games featured at many of the world’s largest online casinos. This is, to some extent, to be expected, as the team was founded by a group of 'industry veterans', which includes psychologists, mathematicians, graphic designers, software developers, audio engineers, gaming experts, quality assurance testers, account managers, and – in their own words – 'secret magicians'.

Despite their young age, Red Tiger Gaming have already created a number of award-winning video titles, many of which can be found at big-name online casinos, including BetVictor and Royal Panda. Their games use state-of-the-art visualizing technology to present stunning 3D graphics to players. Additionally, top performing math models allow Red Tiger Gaming to design their games to be both exciting for players (with big win potential), while also ensuring they remain profitable for the casinos and operators.

While their game range is still small compared to the world’s top software providers, this is due in part to their age. Perhaps what is most impressive about Red Tiger Gaming is that they’ve already built a notable 'players-cult;, with some players joining specific casinos purely because Red Tiger Gaming games were offered.

Red Tiger Gaming are also credited with helping to pioneer the randomly-triggered bonuses in the base-game of video slots, and while some players despise the constant teases these types of bonus produce, they do prove incredibly popular with players (Blueprint Gaming’s Genie Jackpots and Wish Upon a Jackpot would be two good examples).

The Future for Red Tiger Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming themselves state they are currently working on ensuring their games are cross-platform/mobile compatible, and indeed, they appear to have achieved this goal relatively recently, with all but one or two of their games fully mobile-optimised. In the future, it's likely that all of their releases will be mobile optimised on release, and this ensures games can be accessed and played by as many players as possible.

Red Tiger Gaming have also hinted at their attempt to break into Asian markets, and one way they’re attempting this, is by using cultural themes in their games. Interestingly, they don't state which cultural themes they plan on targeting – or indeed which demographics will be targeted with which themes, but one thing is clear: Red Tiger Gaming are unafraid to experiment and their intuitive, state-of-the-art development process has helped sculpt them as one of the leading software providers in the world today.