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Endemol may not be a name that you are instantly familiar with, but when you see some of the games and titles they’ve created during their time in the online gambling market, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll recognise something. And, while the name itself may not do much justice to the company and its reputation, Endemol remain one of the core pioneers in online gambling, and are especially important, as pioneered the creation of TV-based and film-based Video Slots.

In this article, we are going to look at various game-categories that Endemol games fit into. We will also look at a brief history of the company, as well as its parent company.

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Endemol Games have the incredibly large benefit of being able to theme many of their Video Slots around popular television shows, and as their parent company owns the rights to all of these shows, it means they don’t have to pay licensing fees or put together complex contracts – something which often sets back other software providers. Below, we will look at a few of the most popular TV-based games Endemol has created.

Austin Powers

Everyone knows who Austin Powers is and Endemol owns the exclusive rights to the only Austin Powers Video Slot currently in production online. This fun-filled game uses RealAudio from the movie and combines it with the bells and whistles of an online Video Slot in order to create a fun – if not somewhat rude – gaming experience to players. There are also a number of bonus rounds to ensure the game remains in a good mood, even when Mr. Powers is not.

Big Brother

Possibly the most famous reality TV show ever created, Big Brother first hit UK television screens over a decade ago, and has since found its way to ever 40 countries, becoming one of the most successful franchises in history. Endemol created the official Big Brother Video Slot, and it was one of their first games to achieve mainstream success. It is even often credited with helping the company secure their foothold in the game development market.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal Endemol Software

Another hugely-popular TV game show franchise, Deal or No Deal has been on British television screens for over a decade, and much like Big Brother, it also has found its way to other countries with over 60 international versions broadcasting every week. The Deal or No Deal slot was one of Endemol’s first games to be licensed out to another software provider, and this is how it ended up in William Hill betting shops around the UK. The online version was just as much a success as it was in William Hill and features three exciting bonus rounds to ensure players are kept on the edge of their toes at every spin.

Golden Balls

Golden Balls Endemol Slots

A slightly older television show than the three we’ve looked at above, Golden Balls brought out the best, and the worst in humanity, and was filled with some truly heart-warming moments when we watched participants take huge risks on one another, proving their right to take riks.

The show has also created some of the most awkward and uncomfortable moments in television history. So, Endemol Games have incorporated all of these emotions into the Golden Balls official Video Slot where, if you’re lucky enough to enter the bonus round, you’ll play golden balls for yourself.

Million-Pound Drop

Million Pound Drop Endemol Software

The Million Pound Drop – remembered perhaps for being presented by Divina McCall – is yet another of Britain’s hugely-successful television game shows, and the official Video Slot version closely echoes the format found on TV, with the bonus round taking players to a near-identical experience. Unfortunately, however, you don’t automatically start with £250,000, but it's still good fun nonetheless.

That’s just five of the Video Slots from Endemol Games, and there are hundreds more that exist, so be sure to check them out when you next game at an online casino.

Table Games

Endemol Games are committed to offering a wide and varied selection of casino games, and while a lot of the emphasis is placed on their development of Video Slots, they also offer a fairly generous number of casino table games. Below, we’re going to looks at some of the Roulette titles they offer, as well as their Blackjack and Video Poker games.


Endemol Games follow the direction of most software providers by offering a number of Roulette games as part of their main game collection. While the number of Roulette titles found in their portfolio is substantially less than that many of their competitors, a few do stand out with their Deal or No Deal Roulette being perhaps the most notable.

Created around the hit television show (that Endemol’s parent company owned the rights to) this unique Roulette variation is very popular amongst players. This is due to the fact that – despite being an American variant – it's a single zero version, improving the players chances of winning fairly substantially.

There's also a bonus feature, which, if the player chooses to place an optional side bet wager, can open up the Deal or No Deal wheel bonus, where players can win up to 500X their stake. Other than the Deal or No deal variation, Endemol games don’t really offer a lot in terms of Roulette with their only other Roulette title being European Roulette.


deal or no deal blackjack

Endemol Games Blackjack selection is pretty much the same as their Roulette portfolio, except this time, they only have the one game in their Blackjack portfolio. Once again, this game is themed around the hit TV show, Deal or No Deal (as pictured above), and while the game itself is played using European Blackjack rules, there's a separate side bet wager called the Bankers Bonus. If a player chooses to place a wager on this bet, they can win entry to the Banker’s Bonus Round by landing on certain combinations of cards (specifically, the first two cards dealt to them). Like the Roulette version, a maximum win of 500X is possible on the side bet wager.

While we feel it would be nice for Endemol Games to expand the number of Blackjack games they offer, it’s fair enough that a company so well-versed in creating Video Slots focuses pretty much solely on what they’re best at – and, you never know, they may add more titles in the future, so keep an eye out.

Live Dealer Games

Endemol Games do not offer Live Dealer games at this point in time, and it seems very unlikely that this will change in the near future. Their key focus appears to be around developing virtual casino games, and while we don’t feel it's likely they'll ever enter the live gaming market, nothing is impossible.

Instant Win Games

Endemol Games don’t offer any Video Poker or Poker table games, but they do offer a couple of notable instant win games. Instant win basically means the games provide an instant results to its players by either winning or losing. There are two types of instant win game offered by Endemol Games, including one virtual game, and a selection of scratch-card titles. We will start by looking at the virtual game.

Battle Cash Bonanza

Battle Cash Bonanza is the virtual game Endemol offers, and in this exciting and quirky game, players will enjoy a computerised version of the popular Battle Ships board game, which many of us might remember from our childhoods. While the game itself is relatively high variance, it can actually offer pretty decent payouts if you get lucky. This one is definitely something a little different and a stark contrast to many of the traditional games you may be used to playing.


Deal or No Deal Scratchcard Endemol Games

The other category of games is, of course, the scratch-card titles, which are, as you might expect, simply an online version of the scratch game you would purchase from any convenience store up and down the country. The scratch card games on offer can be played from as little as 25p with most offering a max bet of £100 per game. In keeping with Endemol's other games, their scratchcard includes the famous Deal or No Deal, as pictured here.

Players may choose to scratch off the cards themselves, by clicking the different scratch points with their computer mouse. Or, if they can't be bothered there is an auto scratch feature, which automatically scratches the card, minimising the effort taken in order to play the game, as well as cutting the time taken per game.

About Endemol

  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Owner: Endemol Shine Group
  • Publicly Traded: No


Endemol Games is a subsidy of Endemol Shine UK – part of Endemol – one of the world’s largest television producers and media moguls. The Dutch-based company was first founded in 1994, by merging two popular television production companies together at the time. Since the merger, the company has gone onto see tremendous success, responsible for some of the most successful television shows in history, including Deal or No Deal, the Money Drop, Fear Factor, Wipeout, the Fall, Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street, Black Mirror and perhaps most notably in the UK – the Big Brother reality show.

Now, most players wouldn’t associate a company like this to be involved in online gambling, but Endemol Games was set up in 2006, to tap into the growing online gaming market of online gambling, and since their formation, the software provider has gone on to develop some of the most popular games in the world with a huge benefit of being able to use many of their own brands. This means they can negate the need to pay expensive licensing fees to other film and TV studios like the majority of other software providers do.

While Endemol Games are not one of them most common names players would associate with online gambling, they continue to develop, release, and maintain a significant number of titles. Many of these games are licensed and released under licensing agreements with other software providers to increase both the game’s reach and to ensure that players see branding that they do recognise.

That doesn’t negate Endemol Gaming's reputation, however, and serious players would almost certainly have heard of the company. This is especially true in more recent years, as Endemol have started focusing largely on mobile gaming in order to compete with the majority of other game developers who are working hard to optimise their game portfolios for mobile users.

The Future for Endemol

Endemol are – and always have been – a company that keeps itself to itself, and the majority of work it does is under the radar, with previews and new-game-teases generally only released to news outlets a few days before the games themselves are released. This is likely due to the game developer having Endemol as its parent company, and, with the parent company working on some of the world’s biggest and most competitive television shows, there are likely strict confidentiality agreements in place to avoid leaks in the press and so forth.

So, in terms of what the software provider is working at the moment – well, that’s anyone’s guess. Looking at their work over recent years, however, it would be a relatively safe bet to assume that they will continue to build on their mobile presence, alongside ensuring they continue to develop and release new slot games– the area in which they’re most well-known for.