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Gamesys may not be a name you are instantly familiar with, but as you will see in this post, their games and technological advancements have changed the way online gambling works. There is a very good chance you will have played one of their games without realising it, or, at the very least, have been affected by one of the breakthroughs the software developer has brought to the market. In this article, we are going to look at a number of different game categories Gamesys work in, as well as looking at a few specific games that stand out.

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Gamesys offer a fantastic range of Video Slots, and their collection includes hundreds of uniquely-themed games, offering players with a dynamic, varied gambling experience.

Casino: The Slot

Casino: The Slot Gamesys Software

Casino: The Slot is perhaps one of their most famous and well-known releases, and the game is filled with wealth, glam, and gold. The reels are made up of a combination of both higher-paying game specific symbols, which includes Gold Bars, Gold Watches, Gold Supercars, and more.

The lower-paying symbols include traditional playing card symbols, including: Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. The game also features an impeccable range of sounds, animations, and graphic work. In fact, one employee at Gamesys said that they spent over two years working on this game alone, and while that fact has never been verified, a number of online forums and review sites have commenters and reviews backing up that statement. So, if it is true, it just goes to show how much time, effort, and dedication Gamesys put into developing their games.

Sea Journey

Sea Journey Gamesys Casino Software

Sea Journey is another of Gamesys’s popular, mainstream Video Slots, and it doesn’t take much to work out that this game is set around the great blue ocean, along with the creatures that inhabit it. You will play alongside a variety of coloured fish, which make up the lower paying symbols within the game, whilst the bigger predator animals, including a shark, an octopus and a whale, make up the higher paying symbols within the game. Two separate bonus rounds await lucky players in Sea Journey and the winning potential is almost unlimited, with some players reporting wins as high as 5000x their stake!

Other Games

Refrigerator Slot Game available through Gamesys

Other popular Video Slots produced by Gamesys include Seven Wonders, which is a unique Chinese-themed game that features just one line and offers tremendous payouts. Fortune Bell, which is yet another one-liner, and uses traditional fruit machine symbols on the reels. And, Refrigerator (as pictured in this section) is also worth mentioning, as, quite weirdly, it's a Video Slot all about refrigerators, so probably not something you'd find easily anywhere else!

Gamesys put so much time and dedication into their slot games, so you will always have a good experience playing them, even if you don’t always manage a win.

Table Games

Gamesys may be far better known for their Video Slots than their Table Games, but the truth is they do offer a number of Roulette and Blackjack titles within their game portfolio. In the section below, we will look at some of the most popular and commonly-found games that fit into these categories.

NOTE: You may not find all of the games listed below at an online casino – even if that casino features Gamesys games. The reason behind this is that licensing jurisdictions and laws can play a part on which casinos can offer which games. After all, as a casino is a business, they’re well within their rights to refuse or decline certain games from appearing on certain websites. So, don’t worry too much if you don’t find one of the games below at your casino choice.


Roulette Gamesys Software

As most game developers have found, Roulette often becomes a crucial component of their game portfolio, and as the game continues to grow in both popularity and exposure, software providers around the world continue to expand their game range is, and with Gamesys, there is no difference.

Where things get interesting though, is with the company's No Zero Variant, which, as the name suggests, is simply Roulette without the green zero usually found on the wheel. This, of course, gives the player a huge advantage, as it essentially removes the house edge, and ensures that all payouts in the game are relative to the probabilities at which the events actually occur. But as with all things there is, of course, a catch: Players must pay a 10% fee in return for this luxury, so while it sounds amazing at first, in the long run, it's probably better to stick to conventional forms of Roulette instead.

Other Roulette games developed by Gamesys, include Multi-Bull Roulette and European Roulette Express. Mult-Bull Roulette is a pretty unconventional take on multi-wheel Roulette. In the game, rather than using three wheels (as most software providers do), Gamesys have opted to use three Roulette balls instead – all of which spin simultaneously around the wheel. This is a pretty cool and intuitive approach and it offers a unique gaming experience. As with a lot of the gimmicky variations we see released these days, this particular game does benefit from a higher house-edge, when compared regular European Roulette, so best to keep that in mind when choosing which one to play.


Blackjack Match Gamesys Casino Software

Gamesys offer a fairly decent number of Blackjack games, and much like we just saw while looking at their Roulette titles, they offer both traditional game variants and more unique, niche games. The traditional variants include the likes of European Blackjack and American Blackjack and the more unique games include, perhaps most notably, Blackjack Switch.

Blackjack Switch is a game that we’ve seen produced by a number of game developers now, and it remains one of the more popular alternative Blackjack titles around. In the game, you must play exactly two hands, which, of course, means you end up staking twice as much as you may have otherwise.

But the major benefit is that you may choose to switch the second card dealt on both your hands around. For example, if the second cards dealt on hand number one was a 10, and the second card dealt on hand number two was a four, you could switch them around, which would be beneficial to improving the strength of your hands.

Of course, this luxury doesn't come without a price to pay, and the game is developed so that the casinos still maintain their house edge. This is achieved by a small modification to the game rules, which dictates that whenever the dealer draws a hand of 22, the game results in a tie, meaning you get your money back, but don’t win (where you would normally win when playing regular Blackjack).

Other Blackjack offerings in the Gamesys range, include Diamond Blackjack, Double Blackjack and Blackjack Perfect Pairs – the latter of which found global fame and is featured in many land-based casinos around the world.

Live Dealer Games

Gamesys do not currently offer any form of live games as part of their game-range, and while it has been speculated in the past that this may change in the future, it looks unlikely at the present moment in time, especially as the company appear to be focusing solely on the development of new Video Slots. Now, that's not to say it won't happen in future, as it may very well do so, but at the moment, representatives from the company have confirmed that live dealer gaming isn't currently a part of the company's growth-strategy.

Now, for a company of Gamesys’ size, many would argue that this was an easily-avoided business mistake, taking the position that the developer should get their fingers into as many pies as possible, whilst the online gambling industry is still booming. This is a fair point to some extent, but it is also worth taking into account the fact that Gamesys are more-than-likely choosing to focus only on their development of slots, and casino games, to ensure they don't get side-tracked and risk losing any of the significant market share they currently enjoy.

Video Poker

Deuces Wild Gamesys Software

Video Poker is an area that Gamesys excel in, and while you won't find any particularly ground-breaking releases here, most players find the games on offer more than enough to satisfy their needs and requirements as a player. Perhaps the best thing about the Video Poker titles from Gamesys is that every one of the games can be played as either a one-hand, five-hand, ten-hand, or fifty-hand game. All the different hand-limits are chosen within one centralised game, giving players the ability to enjoy flexible gaming experience without needing to switch games, while also ensuring casinos can provide a varied, broad selection of games without needing to sacrifice much screen space for many variations of the same game.

Some of the most popular games found in Gamesys’ Video Poker selection, include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild (as pictured in this section), All American Video Poker, and more. And, as with all of the Gamesys Games, their Video Poker titles are available in a wide variety of stake and betting options and the games are all HTML5 coded, which ensures that they open right in your Internet browser window, saving you from having to download or install additional plugins or software, as well as minimizing the nuisance that traditional game pop outs can cause.

About Gamesys

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Publicly Traded: No


Gamesys is an online gambling developer that creates both a range of casino games, and casino platforms for its clients around the world. While the company isn’t one of the most well-known developers on the planet, they do have a significant impact on the gambling industry, thanks to a superb range of video slots, and lucrative partnership agreements with other software providers that sees some of their games released under the licence of different companies.

The company itself was first founded back in 2004, and first rose to fame thanks to its development of online sports betting software, and later, a rake-free Poker product that revolutionised the direction of online Poker, making it far more affordable for players to enjoy casual and competitive Poker games online. Turning to casino game development around seven years ago, Gamesys came out on top and has even branched out into other subsidiaries around the world, with Gamesys N. V, their Netherlands Antilles branch, securing contracts to exclusively provide gaming software to BetVoyager and BetRaiser, which are two large non-UK facing casinos.

While many of the games that Gamesys produce don’t necessarily showcase a huge degree of creativity or uniqueness, the reliability of their games is one of the main reasons their titles are featured at so many online casinos. Additionally, their creation of an independent, open source software tool that allows players to audit their own results to check for fairness, has helped them build a significant amount of credibility, which is something that’s incredibly important within online gambling, and indeed crucial in order to succeed as a business.

While Gamesys titles don’t typically display their name (you’ll never see a Gamesys logo upon opening one of their games), you will see many of their games contain a small piece of text that says 'RC'. This stands for 'randomness control', and while it doesn’t do anything to promote the company, it appears that they place it on most – although not all – of their games.

The Future for Gamesys

Gamesys have been fairly vocal about their attempts to transfer their game range from Flash to HTML5, and while they have done a good job so far, they still have a long way to go in order to succeed their target of re-coding, and transferring all of their titles over to the more modernised and safer game-format. This goes hand-in-hand with their mobile gambling expansion. And, due to the fact that mobile players can’t install Flash on their device – it’s vital that games are available in HTML5 format, so as to avoid missing out on a massive part of the market.

For this reason, it’s highly likely we will see Gamesys continue to focus their efforts on this transformation progress, alongside their mobile gaming expansion. We will also likely see the software provider continue to develop new slots, although it may be at a slightly slower rate than we are perhaps used to, as the time complexities involved with the two tasks mentioned above will take up significant resources and manpower.