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ISoftBet are one of the world’s leading developers of casino games and software platforms, and while they’re not one of the most recognisable names within the industry. If you’ve ever played at an online casino before, there's a very good chance you will have either played one of their games or used their gaming technology even if you didn’t realise it at the time.

ISoftBet are credited with developing a tremendous range of games, despite their relatively young age as a company. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the games developed by the software provider, as well as looking at a brief history of the foundation of iSoftBet, alongside where we see it headed in the future.

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ISoftBet produce a wide variety of games that can generally be categorised into three or four different sections. These include: Table Games, Video Slots, Video Poker games, and Other Games. Below, we’re going to look at first the Video slots they offer, followed by the Roulette, Blackjack, and Video Poker titles.

ISoftBet ensure all of their slot games are cross-compatible and this ensures that players on desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile phones/tablets can enjoy the games, regardless of the operating system,or platform they’re using.

Happy Birds

Happy Birds iSoftBet

Over the years, iSoftBet have developed and released over 200 different slot games with one of their most popular being Happy Birds. As you can probably imagine, Happy Birds centres around the life of various birds, and you’ll see a mixture of species on the reels. Smaller birds, such as doves and robins, make up the lower paying symbols with Predators, and Birds of Prey, such as Eagles, making up the higher paying ones.

Happy Birds benefits from two bonus rounds, the first of which is a classic 'Pick Me Bonus'. Whilst this may not be overly exciting, the real attraction is the Free Spins bonus, which is triggered when a player manages to land three, four, or five of the scatter symbols anywhere in view. Do this and you will enter the Free Spins round where you are initially awarded with 12 Free Spins, and increasing multipliers, random wilds, and the chance of re-triggering the bonus, which is just some of what makes this bonus round so incredibly exciting.

Platoon Wild

Platoon Wild iSoftBet

Another extremely popular slot from the developer is Platoon Wild and in this fast-paced, action-packed game, you’ll need to put on your fighting face, and join a platoon of soldiers as they fight their way out of the battlefield, and try to escape the opposing enemy.

It sounds intense, and it is, but should you persevere and keep your wits, you will be rewarded handsomely. With up to 2000X stake payouts on offer here, it’s no surprise to see this as one of the most played slot games in the iSoftBet range.

Other Slots

Robo Smash iSoftBet

Other notable releases, include Rambo Jackpot, Robo Smash (as pictured here), Slamming Sevens, 90210, and Cloud Tales.

It’s worth mentioning that all of the slots released by iSoftBet are playable within your Internet browser and don’t require you to download or install any software or plug-ins in order to begin gaming.

Table Games

Casino table games, such as Roulette and Blackjack, make up an important part of virtually any software providers game portfolio, and as you'll see below, iSoftBet have cut absolutely no corners when it comes to creating a range of high-quality, and exciting games for you to enjoy. We are going to look at some of the Roulette, Blackjack and Video Poker titles, and by the end of the following section, you will see that (despite being known primarily for their video slots) iSoftBet are capable of far more than just producing slots.


iSoftBet's American Roulette

As with most software providers these days, iSoftBet understand that Roulette is a core component of their portfolio, and for this reason, they’ve developed a number of high-quality Roulette titles, composed of two common variants, as well as two rarer variants.

The two common Roulette games they offer include European Roulette and American Roulette (as pictured above) – both featuring standardised rules, and not offering much in the way of creativity. But it’s their Roulette 3-D and Progressive Roulette games that really stand out. We’ll cover the progressive variant later on in the jackpots section of this article, but first, let’s look at Roulette 3-D.

Roulette 3-D is based around European Roulette and features the same rules as most European Roulette games around. The big difference here is that the game is developed in stunning high-definition graphics, and as soon as you open the game you’ll see for yourself just how much time, effort, and workmanship has gone into the game. Now, it’s not uncommon for many casino games to have incredible attention to detail these days, but iSoftBet's Roulette 3-D truly is something else.


iSoftBet's Blackjack

ISoftBet offer a couple more Blackjack games when compared against Roulette, and their portfolio is fairly balanced, giving players a nice varied selection of games from which to choose. In terms of the common Blackjack games, you’ll see Blackjack – the standalone version – and French Blackjack, which can be found at most other online casinos.

While the software provider doesn’t really offer a number of unique side bet Blackjack variations, they do offer some different takes on a conventional game, including Multi-Hand Blackjack – where you can play between one, and five hands at once, and Super Sevens Blackjack, where you can place an additional wager on your first one card, two cards, or three cards being sevens.

And last, you’ll find VIP Blackjack, which uses European rules, but caters to higher-staking players with minimum bets starting at £25, and capping out at up to £5000. It’s important to note that the exact table limits will depend entirely on the casino that offers the games and casinos have full control (within parameters of the game, of course) on how much players can wager.

We’d like to see a few more Blackjack titles from iSoftBet, particularly some more creative side bet ones, like Blackjack Perfect Pairs and Blackjack 21+3, but, in fairness, it’s quite hard to fault the selection they do offer. All of the games are built to a very high quality and offer players both a fair and reliable gaming experience.

Live Dealer Games

ISoftBet do not offer any form of live dealer games, and at this moment in time, it does not appear that they have any plans to begin doing so – at least not in the near future. While this is always subject to change and they may well decide to add these further down the line, they are still a relatively new company as it is, and their focus has been, and continues to be, on developing a high-quality range of Video Slots, Roulette and Blackjack titles, and, as you’ll see below, a huge range of Video Poker games.

Video Poker

ISoftBet offer a far more comprehensive selection of Video poker games than they do Roulette and Blackjack, and they offer an incredibly varied range of games, some of which will look at below.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better, probably the most well-known and regularly-played version of the game, is found in two different iSoftBet Video Poker games. The first is their 10-Play Jacks or Better game and the second is their 50-Play Jacks or Better. As the name somewhat gives away, these two games can be played either with 10 hands or 50 hands. Strangely, there is no single-hand option, which is a little odd, but with most players choosing to play multiple hands anyway, it isn’t likely to be an issue for the vast majority of players.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is another title that comes in multiple variants, although this game does allow a one-hand game with 4-hand, 25-han, and 50-hand versions of the game also making up part of the game developers portfolio.

Joker Poker

Vegas Joker Poker iSoftBet

Where things get a little more interesting and unique is with Joker Poker and Texas Hold’ Em Joker Poker. These two games are incredibly unique, and as far as we believe, they are specific solely to iSoftBet. Both are available in one-hand and three-hand variations.

These two games offer something quite a bit different from regular Video Poker and ensure that players can enjoy something aside from the traditional cookie-cutter games you may be familiar with. All that matters though is that iSoftBet’s Video Poker titles are all incredibly well-made, and offer a fun, fair, and fast gaming experience.

About iSoftBet

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Publicly Traded: No


ISoftBet is an anomaly in the software provider space and much speculation surrounds the company due to their apparent formation out of thin air, as well as the fact that very little is known about them, their founders, and their business.

Their website indicates nothing of their history or their foundations, and one of the only reliable mentions that can be found surrounding the company’s creation is on a competitor casino review website, which states that the company appears to be a privately-limited business in London. Confusion arises, however, as there is also a company in Pakistan that uses the same name, as well as specialising in a very similar market – although no link has been proven between the two companies.

One company they are linked too, however, is Fast-CPU, which now actually redirects viewers to their website to the iSoftBet site. It appears that over 200 games released under the iSoftBet name were initially developed by Fast-CPU, which itself was founded back in 1997. Its lifespan was short-lived, however, with the company folding in 2009, but little is actually known about the acquisition or merger that saw iSoftBet take control of their game portfolio – if, indeed, that is even what happened.

Despite the current aura of mystery surrounding the software provider, one thing is clear, and that’s that they are well-respected within the online gambling industry and have developed a number of titles that are featured in many online casinos around the world. Many of their games feature an incredible level of detail and this is one of the reasons that the software provider has seen such great success in their Video Slots. Players easily become immersed in the games and this is only increased in strength, as in recent years, the company have showcased a huge change in the quality of their graphics. Today, they remain one of the pioneers in 3-D Video slot creation with many other software providers citing them as inspiration for their games today.

ISoftBet also saw mass success with the release of their social platform, utilising Facebook to offer a range of casino games to players (for free) around the world. This was largely seen as a positive move by the industry and helped many online casinos – Vera and John being one – expand their reach, and market themselves to players on Facebook. It did however, receive a fair degree of criticism from responsible gambling advocates, who claimed that – despite the lack of any real money exchanging hands – advertising such products on Facebook (albeit sneakily through the use of free games, much like Candy Crush and Farmville), would likely cause young players to be vulnerable, as well as creating a generation of gambling addicts. As such, it appears that iSoftBet have toned down their social gaming and continue to focus their efforts on releasing new Video Slots and Table Games, which get distributed to hundreds of online casinos around the world.

The Future for iSoftBet

It’s impossible to say where iSoftBet will take their business within the next few years, but a few critics online have stated that they expect the company to attempt acquisitions of small, start-up software providers. The reason for these claims being made remain unknown, but at a guess, it would be down to the fact that – potentially – iSoftBet is run by experienced businessmen, as opposed to just gaming enthusiasts.

New games continue to be released by them today, and mobile gaming appears to be one aspect they are focusing on. So, it’s likely that we will see the company continue to hone in on the mobile gambling market, ensuring their games are fully mobile-optimised, as well as accessible to players on all types of device.