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WMS games are all available to play through an Instant Play mode, which means you don’t need to download any software or plugins in order to begin gaming. As long as your Internet Browser is up-to-date, and you have a reliable, semi-fast Internet connection, you’ll have no problems running WMS’ games whatsoever, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a PC, Mac, or Linux player, because the games don’t require a specific operating system to run.

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Mobile Gameplay

While not all of WMS’ games are available to play from a mobile device, the majority of their most popular titles – such as Montezuma and Ruby Red Slippers – are fully mobile-optimised, and can be enjoyed through most phone and tablet Internet browsers.

In order to play the mobile versions of the game, you don’t need any apps installed; you simply log into you chosen mobile casino, and play the game. It’ll then load in your Internet browser much like were you playing on a computer – allowing for easy play!

Note: For the best playing experience (and often a mandatory requirement for mobile phone players), you’ll need to flip your device into landscape mode, to ensure it loads correctly and that the graphics render as they should.


WMS slots are some of the most regularly sought-after in the industry and their games offer players a tremendous playing experience with big wins available on many of their games. This is notable to point out, as many software providers – such as two of the most notable names like Blueprint Gaming and NetEntertainment – cap their game payouts at 1,000X or similar, and while some WMS titles don’t offer the largest winning potential in the industry, some of their slots offer 10,000X + wins (and that’s even excluding the jackpot games on offer).

With a long history in slot production, WMS have made many industry-changing decisions and movements and we take a look at these in more detail later on in the article in the history section. In terms of their online video slots though, WMS have created some of the most popular games around with two of the most popular including:


Montezuma WMS Casino Software Slot

Both one of WMS’ most popular games, and one of the most popular video slots globally, Montezuma places players in an Ancient Aztec civilization. The game is especially popular as it offers an extremally exciting bonus-round where it’s possible to win an unlimited number of free-spins with up to a 10X multiplier present on all wins. Given the tremendous popularity, the game is commonly seen at many online casinos and is even featured in UK bookmakers and Arcades on the FOBT (fixed-odds-betting-terminals).

Ruby Red Slippers

Ruby Red Slippers WMS Casino Software Slot

Originally (and indeed still) one of the most popular slots found in land-based-casinos in the USA, Ruby Red Slippers is based on the Wizard of Oz, and features a tremendous range of bonuses. Of these bonuses, the “Wild Reels” feature is most notable, as it allows players to enjoy up to 4 completely wild reels (5 on the land-based-casino machine cabinets), along with a multiplier up to 10X, allowing for HUGE wins!

Other Slots

Other popular games from WMS include: Raging Rhino, Monopoly: Once Around Deluxe, and Rainforest Dream just to name a few.

Table Games

WMS offer a number of casino table games, often being released using the latest (often developed in-house) technologies. Indeed, WMS are seen by many within the industry as one of the leaders in pioneering gambling technology – both on and offline. Below, we take a closer look at some of the most popular table games from WMS.


WMS Casino Software Table Game Monopoly Roulette

WMS offer a large range of Roulette games and while the games differ largely depending on what country they’re offered in and also whether they’re available online or offline, one distinction that can be made is that the software provider offer all major titles. These titles include: European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, and VIP Roulette – the latter of which offers enhanced betting options, such as the ability to place wagers on less-commonly-seen French betting options.

WMS also offer some less commonly seen Roulette games with one popular one being Multi-Wheel-Roulette, which transforms the popular casino game into a unique modern approach, where you’ll see three Roulette wheels, instead of just the one. The betting options remain the same, and aside from the fact there’s three Roulette wheels, all features of the game remain the same, providing an exciting, action-packed experience to players.


WMS don’t offer quite as comprehensive of a Blackjack selection as with their Roulette game range, but they do offer a carried selection of card games, from traditional titles, like standalone Blackjack, to other versions – the majority of which are based on US-land-based-casino games, including Blackjack Surrender and Pontoon.

Blackjack Surrender is perhaps the most commonly played Blackjack game, aside from the ‘classic’ version, and this allows players to sacrifice their hand, in return for half their stake being returned. For example, say you placed a £10 hand, and were dealt a 16, against the dealer’s Ace; your chances of winning here are very slim, and this would be an ideal time to ‘surrender’ your hand. You would then receive £5 back, at which point the hand would end.

Video Poker

WMS’ Video Poker games are generally “multi-game” games, which means that one game offers multiple different titles, preventing the need for online casinos and land-based-casinos to dedicated multiple pages/machines to the games.

This began in 2014, when WMS were granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and sees the company offer many of their Video Poker titles – like Jacks or Better Video Poker, All American Video Poker, and Deuces Wild – within one core game.

About WMS

  • Year Founded: 1943
  • Owner:

History of WMS

WMS, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, has roots dating as far back as 1943, when it was originally founded as the Williams Manufacturing Company. For this reason, the software provider is often referred to as “Williams Interactive” – a name that has achieved notable recognition amongst UK players specifically.

WMS have a history in creating slot and Video Poker titles for land-based-casinos, and their major break first came in 1991 when the company launched the first virtual lottery machines in US casinos. These allowed players to play games like Keno,and other lottery-based games on a stand-alone basis, allowing for “Instant Wins”.

1996 was the year the company launched its first slot machine in land-based-casinos. These were called “Reel ‘em In” and were a multi-line, multi-coin slot machine that offered players multiple bonuses and features to enjoy. The rest of the 1990’s saw the company release more slot titles (many of which become hits, almost instantaneously), including Jackpot Party, Boom and Filthy Rich.

WMS is industry-leading in many respects, but the most notable way in which the software provider left its mark was in its licensing approach to games. In 2001, they released the first game of their Monopoly range, which has since gone on to become one of their most successful game ranges. But rather than selling the game to casinos (which, at the time was commonplace), they instead leased the license to use the game, lowering the initial cost for the casinos, thus allowing them to offer more gaming terminals, due to these decreased costs. This approach has been taken by almost all software providers since and is commonly used to attract more online casinos to offer games.

Notable Events in the History of WMS

WMS, as you’d expect from any company its size and age, has gone through many times where things either go wrong, and one of the most notable negatives was back in 2001 when a glitch was discovered in WMS software, which allowed players on certain slot machines in land-based-casinos to win extra coins that – due to their stake – they shouldn’t have been entitled to. This caused a legal backlash from IGT who accused WMS of breaching patent copyright law and a US court decided in IGT’s favour, causing WMS to change the way it built its games in future.

This ruling may not seem overly consequential, but it caused the company to go on to develop a number of their own technologies, which helped shape the future of land-based-casino slot gaming, and these include Transmissive reels, new Operating Platforms, and gaming Cabinets – all things which have become commonplace in casinos around the world, today.

In 2013, WMS Industries merged with Scientific Games with Scientific Games paying a reported $1.5 Billion. This caused WMS shareholders to receive an instant cash payout of $26 per share owned and caused the company to cease trading on the New York Stock Exchange. This merger is perhaps most notable to UK players who will perhaps not recognise the name WMS, but will likely recognise the name Scientific Games, as this is the title most of the WMS games are released under.

The Future for WMS

WMS continue to develop new products and technologies that help develop the online gambling industry, and one of the ways in which we’ve seen this done in recent years, is their focus on Social Media gaming.

2012 saw the company partner with “Large Animal Games” to release some of their popular video slots on the social media platform, Facebook, under the look and design of a cruise-ship theme. This allowed players to enjoy the games for free, while providing the company with significant advertising impact, and, thanks to the social-sharing aspect of Facebook, in-game functions were built that rewarded players for sharing the game with their friends – much like we’ve seen in games, such as Candy Crush and Farmville.

It’s likely we’ll see WMS continue this social-direction in the future, due to the huge number of social media users active on Facebook, and it will be interesting to see how the company further their reach in the coming months and in future years to come.