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Leander Games is an Argentinian software provider that specialises in casino games (most notably slots), as well as helping run of a number of different online casinos. Founded in 2008, they're by no means one of the most experienced companies in the marketplace, yet despite being outnumbered by many competitor companies (both in terms of age and staff), Leander Games have built a solid name for themselves, leaving a sizable imprint on the industry.

To this day, they continue to enjoy an increased growth in recognition and respect – both from players and online casino operators. In this article, we'll have a look at what Leander Games are most notable for, as well as delving into the company's history and where they are likely headed in the next few years.

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One of the things the developer is best known for is the quality that can be found in almost all of their titles. Unlike some of the newer developers, who are maybe more concerned with quantity over quality, Leander Games spend months upon months testing their games, as well as ironing out any bugs or problems prior to releasing them to the public.

Now, that's not to try and imply that other software developers put out poorly made games that are prone to bugs, but it's fair to say that some developer’s games crash far more regularly than others. Leander Games is definitely on the right side when it comes to game reliability.

Their video slots is what makes Leander Games so popular with players, and whether it's a fantasy themed children's stories or a licensed slot based on a TV show or pop star, all of their games are built to an incredibly high standard. Just go and load one up in demo mode to see it for your own eyes, as they really are quite something. We'll start out by examining some of their most recognisable and notable slot developments.


It doesn’t take much creative thinking to put together a relatively concise idea of what a video slot entitled 'Gold' might be about, so if you managed to conjure up an image of wealth, watches, supercars, penthouse suites and bank cards, then you’ve pretty much nailed the theme of the game. While the game offers a little less creativeness than we’re perhaps used to seeing from Leander Games, overall, it's quite a cool title – although there is a lot of gold imagery and artwork, so be prepared for quite an 'in your face’ gaming experience.

Octopus Kingdom

Octoput Kingdom Leander Games Slot

Octopus Kingdom isn’t one of Leander Games most popular slots, but in our opinion, it is well worthy of a mention, due to the stunning visuals that greet players upon entering the game. The game is set underwater with rich coral reefs living the bottom of the screen, and if you look carefully, and you’ll see aquatic shoals of fish swimming in the distance.

The game itself isn't too shabby either. While the base game doesn't offer much in the way of excitement, aiming for the coveted bonus will keep even the most experienced of slot-players on their toes. Anyone familiar with Leander Games slot-range would probably categorise Octopus Kingdom as one of their top games.

Magi Gems

Magi Gems Leander Games Slot

Magi Gems is an unusual take on some of the Elven-themed games we've seen from other software creators and Leander Games have managed to combine the folklore-character with modern-day gaming mechanics to deliver an enjoyable, unique, brand-new type of game.

One thing worth noting about Magi Gems, however, is that the game is quite high variance and this may come as a shock to players who are familiar with Leander Games' other fairly low variance slots, so it's good to keep this in mind. But, for the players who love a bit of a risk, Magi Gems might just be your game.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Leander Games Slot

Little Red Riding Hood is a theme we’ve seen adopted by almost all software providers and is one of Leander Game’s most visually stunning titles. The charming 3D graphics allow you to enter a world of enchanting music, scenery, animations and hopefully a few wins here and there.

The game is also famous for another reason, as it was actually one of the company’s first 3D slots. The design work of Little Red Riding Hood is absolutely impeccable, which has helped it to be crowned an 'unofficial game of the year', as many players were calling it on forums, as well as Twitch streams.

Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush Leander Games Slot

Zombie Rush is yet another 3D development from Leander Games, and while the software provider will struggle to ever create a game that carries the momentum of Little Red Riding Hood, Zombie Rush is probably as good as they can get. This fantastically realistic, eerie, and fast-paced game combines Zombies with modern video slots, making for quite an interesting experience.

Pablo Picasslot

Pablo Picasslot Leander Games Slot

Pablo Picasslot is themed (if you haven't already guessed) after the famous artist, Picasso. The game itself is Leander Games' attempt to be funny and while the name is 50% humorous / 50% cringe, it does actually oversee a pretty cool, fun game. While it’s not one of the most played games from the software provider (perhaps due in part to the fact that it's actually quite difficult to find in online casinos), it’s a different gaming experience and one that players will definitely enjoy should they happen to stumble upon it.

There’s quite a cool storyboard that runs throughout the gameplay, and while the lack of multiple bonus-rounds is a little disappointing, there is a free-spins round, which can pay quite nicely. Just don’t go expecting big 500X wins, as Pablo Picasslot appears to be a low-variance, low-paying slot.


Dolly Leander Games Slot

Dolly Parton remains one of the world's most influential and well-known musicians, and her name also helped bring about the fame of Leander Games. This is all thanks to the official video slot they produced in conjunction with Harrington management team, which features actual voice clips, song samples, etc., to create a fantastic tribute to the country singer. The game – despite being one of the provider's oldest titles – remains one of the most popular and is also featured in land-based casinos, as well as online casinos all over the world.

7 Lucky Dwarfs

7 Lucky Dwarfs Leander Games Slot

Seven Lucky Dwarfs is Leander Games' attempt of creating a game themed on the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. While we’ve seen other providers try to pull this theme off, no one else has really come close to what Leander Games have accomplished here. They really are one of the only developers to have created a game that perfectly incorporates the visual dynamics from the fairy tale.

It's not just the look and feel of this game that makes it so popular with players though. A range of exciting bonus features, randomly triggered events, and wins in excess of 500X, are just some of the things players we'll find during gameplay. And, best of all, with a minimum stake of just 20p, it's a game that players on all budgets can enjoy.


Supernova Leander Games Slot

Supernova is Leander Games' most explorative slot. It is a beautifully designed, succinct game that all players can enjoy, as the slot teleports you to the edge of the universe, as chaos in the galaxy unfolds. The aim is to secure a big win before the aptly titled Supernova unfolds.

Whether you're a fan of these sci-fi type games or not, there is no denying that Supernova features stunning HD graphics, and, alongside offering a wide range of exciting features and bonuses, it also offers some of the smoothest gameplay we've seen in a while. In fact, there is so little lag, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were watching a video. This is just yet another title from Leander Games that oozes quality and delivers an outstanding experience, no matter what device or operating system you decide to use.

Table Games

Leander Games are a well-known software provider, versed in developing some of the high-quality video slots in the world. Yet despite this wide-spread fame and popularity, Leander Games haven’t yet made their way into developing any casino table games. This means you won’t see any Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat or Poker card games.

This definitely comes as a bit of a surprise, as the company has developed some of the best-quality slots and we are certain they could replicate this success within their casino games, but for whatever reason they’ve opted not too. Of course this could change in the future, and as the company is still relatively new, it’s more-than-feasible that they may begin developing games like Roulette and Blackjack. But for the time being, players will have to settle for their Video Slot selection, which as you can see, is quite the impressive list.

Live Dealer Games

Leander Games do not offer any Live Dealer Games, and at this moment in time, it doesn’t appear that they have any plans to do so. This, however, could certainly change in the future, so keep your eyes and ears open.

About Leander Games

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Owner: Steven & Ramiro
  • Publicly Traded: No


Leander Games was first founded in 2008 and the software developer is responsible for a string of popular slot games with their titles featured in many of the world’s largest and most reputable online casinos. The company itself is based in Buenos Aires, based in Argentina, and despite the company boasting a relatively short lifespan, they’ve managed to see tremendous success both in terms of the popularity of their games and in securing exclusive, lucrative partnerships with online casinos and other software developers.

The games published by Leander Games may not be the most visually creative we’ve ever seen, but one of the main reasons why players love the games so much is thanks to the bonus rounds, which can be found in very generous numbers in the majority of their games. Most software providers include one or two bonus rounds maximum, but Leander Games regularly put three, four or even five+ different bonus rounds within a single game. This helps create variety for players and ensures that the games don’t get boring with each spin bringing a far-higher chance of landing a bonus.

Leander Games have always enjoyed medium success online, but it was the release of their official Dolly Parton slot that saw them first burst onto the mainstream platform, garnering them significant attention within the online gambling market. Ever since, the software developer as focused on innovative features within their games, and one good example of this is their 'Reely Roulette' title, which essentially combines slot gaming with Roulette gaming. In-slot features are also an area that Leander Games has focused on pioneering, and their Zombie Rush game is often credited with being one of the first slots to feature shifting symbols, essentially transforming traditional playing card symbols like Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, into wild symbols.

Whilst it’s a little disappointing to see that Leander Games have yet to enter the progressive jackpot slot area, it is worth noting that many of their games offer larger-than-normal win potential, which is typically a lot higher than most software providers games can pay out. Recently, however, rumours have surfaced about the company partnering up with Microgaming to work on creating a number of progressive jackpot games, but this cannot be confirmed and will remain to be seen whether or not this holds true.

Today, the company continues to focus on creating new forms of technology to attract even more players to their games and with licenses held with the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission, as well as the Alderney Gaming Commission, Leander games can enjoy offering their games to a hugely diverse and widespread number of players.