Casinos in Bolton

Bolton is an unusual town, owing to the fact that it’s so close to the larger North-West city of Manchester and isn’t all that far away from Liverpool. Accordingly, it has a football team that struggles to get the same sort of attendances as its nearby rival cities and also has something of a transient population. That might explain why there are only two major casinos to speak of there.

Map of Bolton Casinos

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Higher Bridge Street, Bolton, BL1 2HA
Ormrod Street, Bolton, BL3 5DJ

The joy of having just two casinos is that they can offer different things, meaning that there isn’t necessarily all that much crossover between the two. If you’re a poker fan, then there’s not much point heading to the Genting Casino as the only variety of the game you’ll find there is three-card. There are American roulette tables, though, and Blackjack tables too. It’s located in a very interesting location – namely a converted chapel. The Genting Casino has a decent selection of slot machines, but there are more on offer at the Grosvenor.

There’s a decent size poker room at the Grosvenor Casino with No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments held there every day. There are also cash games played fairly regularly, though you’ll have to get in touch with the casino to double-check exactly when and to register your interest. If you’re not bothered about playing proper poker then you can get involved with numerous table variations of it, such as Two-Card Super Stud. There are also five roulette tables and four Blackjack tables.

As you may have assumed from the intro, Bolton isn’t exactly a wide and sprawling location. Consequently, the casinos are pretty close to the town centre, though at different ends of it. The Grosvenor is the closest one to the train station, with the Genting more towards the top end of town.