Casinos in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton might be close to Birmingham and its half a dozen or so casinos, but it’s a decent sized city in its own right. Accordingly, it has got a large casino, that serves the roughly 250,000 people who live within its boundaries. Obviously, the lack of alternative choices means that people do tend to travel to the likes of Birmingham, Walsall and Coventry for certain casino games that aren’t offered here, but that has only become the case in recent years after the closing of the Gala Casino in the city.

Map of Wolverhampton Casinos

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56 - 58 Temple Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 4AQ

Interestingly, Wolverhampton’s casino is not a member of one of the big casino chains as you might have expected. Instead, it is a Rubicon Casino, part of the Casino 36 family. In truth, of course, there isn’t a huge amount of variation when it comes to what to expect inside a casino in the UK. You’ll find American roulette tables, as well as electronic versions of it, plus slot machines throughout. If you’re a regular at other casinos you may be surprised by some of the table games on offer here. As well as regulars like Blackjack and three-card poker, there are games, such as Rummy and Mah Jong.

One thing that will almost certainly not surprise you is the presence of a healthy poker culture within the casino’s walls. The Texas Hold’em variation of the game has taken the world by storm over the last twenty years or so with the Rubicon no less susceptible to its charms than anywhere else. There are tournaments over the weekend and cash games played every night.

Wolverhampton might have close to a quarter of a million people living within its boundaries, but the city centre is actually nice and easy to get around. You’ll find the casino to the South but still within the A4150 Ring Road. It’s about 10-minutes away from other venues of interest, such as the Wolverhampton Civic Hall and the Grand Theatre. Wolverhampton Train Station is only slightly further afield to the North-East of the Rubicon.

Closed Casino

As with many other Gala Casinos in the UK, the Gala Casino on Whitmore Street in Wolverhampton closed back in 2011.